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Our Expertise

Over the last 6 years, our team of professionals have been providing top-notch services to clients in different areas of town planning. Read more about our scope of services below.

Our services


We cover all aspects of town and regional planning, including spatial planning (e.g.
urban structure plans and design frameworks for mixed use developments, upmarket
residential estates and low-cost housing projects), land use planning (e.g. statutory
land use applications such as rezoning, subdivision and regulation departures) and
policy planning (e.g. Municipal human settlement plans). We specialise in planning for
complex large scale urban developments, but are equally adept at handling small
scale developments.

Environmental Services

Sustainable Design Consult offers an array of services designed to help companies
evaluate and implement regulatory compliance requirements at the local, state and
national levels. Compliance assistance can come in the form of periodic compliance
evaluations, day-to-day onsite compliance services, wide-breadth external auditing,
and environmental management assistance.
Our professionals understand not only the specific requirements of applicable
regulations, but perhaps more importantly, the intent behind them and the real-world
implementation by regulatory agencies. Clients benefit from the credibility and trust
that we have earned from providing services like Environmental Impact Assessment,
Technical Reports, Development Guide etc and successful interactions with regulators
at local, state and national levels.


Sustainable Design Consult provides a complete landscape architectural service from inception to close out.
Conceptual plans are developed into working drawings and contract documents, after which we provide the necessary
supervision to ensure successful implementation on site. Our portfolio of successful landscape projects ranges from
office parks and hotel sites to historical gardens, campus development, residential townships, shopping centres,
pedestrian malls, urban parks resorts and even cemeteries.

Architectural Services

Sustainable Design Consult is the complete Creative Team of Architects & 3D Visualizers. We become our client’s partners from the Concept & Design Stages, to the Construction, Finishes and Completions. We believe that everyone deserves a taste of uniqueness. We offer complete architectural services in a range of project sectors.
Sustainable Design Consult is young and dynamic with experience in providing a successful combination of design, technical and management services in site feasibility, concept design development, contract documents and evaluation. Architecture is not just the act of designing a building, it’s a way of seeing, thinking and making that expands and even revolutionizes our experience of the world.


Perimeter / Boundary Surveys are carried out for the purpose of delineating the boundary of a parcel of land, determining its area and preparation of survey plan. The survey plan is usually the end product of a boundary survey. The survey plan shows ownership and describes the land. It is a document required by law during processing of any land title. We will help you prepare your survey plan with our registered surveyor and lodge the record (red) copy in the Office of the Surveyor General of the state.

Project Planning and Management

We provide comprehensive services, including general consulting, project planning, tools development, training, performance monitoring, maturity assessment, and consultations. Our clients define our scope of services and we deliver the value they’re seeking

Project/Property Documentation

Sustainable Design Consult works hand in hand with house owners within Nigeria for the most important issue of landed property. This ranges from the application of development permit approval and documents to substantiate your claim of ownership to that property. This is because you may have the need to approach banks and other institutions for businesses and in that case, you must ensure that your documents are well-perfected.These are the various documents that a land/property owner in Nigeria should have depending on how you acquired your property.Government allocations: allocation letter, payment receipts, Certificate of Occupancy.Estate Development land: Global C of O, all the documents of the family, receipt of payment, Deed of assignment, Allocation documents if the land is acquired directly from the government, layout, survey plan, etc.– Family/Individual land: – Excision certificate (gazette) – Deed of assignment – Receipt of payment. – Survey plan (approved) – Governor’s consent. – Certificate of Occupancy i.e. C of O

Count on us to help you secure all your documents anywhere in Nigeria.

Independent Project Monitoring Expert (IPME)

Independent Project Monitoring Company Limited (IPMC) is made up of professional consultants, who are competent and capable enough to help clients achieve their goals. Our professional consultants specialize in the oil & gas industries, infrastructure & building and other Services. Our experienced consultants offer services tailored to the technical, economic, and management needs of our clients. Our capabilities, competency, and responsiveness to individual needs are our strengths in this competitive industry. Our consultants who are from previous operations on the field have a strong record of operational and commercial accomplishments in their respective industry. This diverse set of capabilities enables our consultants to deliver comprehensive services when addressing the specific needs of our clients.

My Tenant

This is an innovative concept being pushed by Sustainable Design Consult. My Tenant is a system that specializes in taking away risks from house owners by taking over ownership duties on behalf of the house owner and letting it out to a vetted party for a period of time either rent or lease.

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