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Welcome to Sustainable Design Consult Where We

Redefine Physical Planning & Urban Development

We are a multi-disciplinary firm with a wide range of experience in town and regional planning, landscape architecture, surveying, project planning and management, master planning, and independent project monitoring.

We are committed to serving the interests of individual clients and the interests of the wider community.

With us, a high degree of professionalism is emphasized, which includes a dedication to quality, sensitivity towards the needs of communities, concern about the environment and a stance which transcends political views.

Town Planning At Its Best

We Have A Goal...

Which is to make an effective contribution to the well-being of society by designing attractive, liveable and enabling environments. Whether these environments are natural or man-made, they must result from the interaction of various components and processes which should not be considered in isolation.

“First we shape the cities – then they shape us.” ~ environmentshow.com

By far the greatest and most admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities.

The firm is able to offer expertise in each of these services by virtue of partnership, the diversity of professional skills and the breadth of experience of our staff.

Our Professional Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summarised by four core principles, viz.:


Places that have a strong identity resonate with the people who live there and become part of who they are. High-quality living environments can greatly enhance the dignity and pride of people, which in turn strengthens their identity and attachment to a place.


An inclusive place values the needs of all people equally. These are places where people enjoy equal access to economic opportunities, quality public spaces and amenities, housing and basic services. Spatial integration is a key ingredient in the pursuit of an inclusive place.


Positive urban environments allow for a mix of land uses and reflect flexibility in their spatial structures. Flexibility refers to the creation of a spatial structure that can accommodate unexpected demands made upon them over time.


Sustainable places should enable people to pursue a healthy lifestyle and pattern of movement, should be accessible for everyone, safe and convenient, and should encourage good stewardship of the spaces between buildings.

Scope Of Services

Happy clients

- Oguntoyinbo Fatoba Family

- Eastern Metals, Delta State

- Agfor Minerals and Commodities

- Lockehomes Limited

- Impact International Schools

- Karis Nursery & Primary School

- Odofin Family

- VIVA Apartments

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